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Web Sites for Investment Information

Below is a list of websites that provide a considerable wealth of information on companies and investment terms.  This list is intended to provide a starting point for the Centre Region Model Investment Club (CRMIC) Partners to broaden their knowledge for preparing stock studies and to expand their personal investing knowledge.  Club Partners are encouraged to go beyond this list as they advance their overall knowledge in the world of investment.

Note: Websites undergo frequent revisions. You will have to experiment to find those sites that best fit your needs.

http://www.betterinvesting.org  - This is BetterInvesting's website.  A treasure trove of information on BetterInvesting’s (BI) investment tools, software, books and supplies, seminars and other educational activities as well as back articles from BetterInvesting magazine.


    Check out the Central Pennsylvania Chapter website at the BI website.  On the BI home page enter  

    your zip code in the upper right box entitled “BetterInvesting Learning Events Near You” and left


http://finance.yahoo.com -
All things to all people. In addition to company news and quotes on individual stocks, the site provides shortcuts to other popular investment sites.  Great website for historical prices, earnings releases, financial statements, and more.  The website is easy to navigate.

- A snapshot of thousands of publicly traded companies. An excellent source for up-to-the-minute quarterly and annual balance sheets and income statements as well as industry averages for financial ratios. It contains information on industries as well as company news, analysis information, and more.  Easy to navigate.

A friendly-user financial website.  Free information on this website includes an overview of the company, SEC filings, financial reports, news, and more.

– A financial website for quotes, charts, and news plus more.

 - A financial website for quotes, charts, news, market overview and information on world markets.

 - This site is especially useful for analyzing mutual funds.

 - This website is excellent for obtaining technical analysis (price) charts, historical prices, and industry and sector information.

– Easy to navigate website with lots of financial information including a comparison with competitors, financials, charts, and much more.

- The financial news segment of CNN. Easy to navigate.

- A wide variety of information on investing in general as well as information on individual stocks.

http://www.investopedia.com – Great website for tutorials and a financial dictionary.

http://www.sec.gov/index.htm - The home page for the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  Company financial filings are posted on this website.

http:www.annualreportservice.com - Allows you to order hard copies or to download or read annual reports online; also provides direct links to companies' home pages.

http:www.investorprotection.org - A site designed to educate investors against fraud and to explain what to do to settle complaints against brokers and other investment professionals.