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The purpose of the Partner Packet is to provide educational tools and materials to help Centre Region Model Investment Club (CRMIC) partners evaluate, select, and monitor stocks.  

       How to read a Value Line report
       One Page Visual Analysis: A Screening Tool

       Stock Selection Guide (SSG):
              Overview of the SSG
              SSG: Capitalization
              SSG: Recent Quarterly Figures
              SSG: Section 1 - Visual Analysis
              SSG: Section 2 - Evaluating Management
              SSG: Section 3 - P/E History and Dividend Information
              SSG: Section 4 - Evaluating Risk and Reward
              SSG: Section 5 - 5-Year Potential

       Stock Comparison Guide (SCG):
              How to interpret the SCG

       Company's Annual Report
              Overview of the Annual Report
              Form for Analyzing the Income Statement and Balance Sheet
              Worksheet for Analysis Form
              An Excel spreadsheet to compute financial ratios
              Instructions on how to use the Excel spreadsheet to compute financial ratios

       Additional Research on Companies:
              Additional Research on Companies

        Monitor's Summary
        Rationale for Purchase of the Company
        Monitor's Monthly Report
        Monitor's Quarterly Report
        Monitor's Annual Report

       Valuation statement
       Member status report